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SOS dětské vesničky

"OXALIS DESIGN for SOS dětské vesničky" is a joint partnership project between OXALIS, spol. s r.o. and the non-governmental, non-profit organisation SOS dětské vesničky, which helps families in need to care for their children and provides high quality alternative care for children who are unable to grow up in their own family. Children from its programmes designed 3 unique motifs for mugs which Oxalis has had made and which will be launched on the market starting in October. By buying each mug, customers make a financial contribution towards helping children in need via SOS dětské vesničky.

The idea for the project emerged in OXALIS at the end of 2014 during planning of further steps in the field of sponsorship and partnership projects. The main task was to devise a form of support which is able to utilise the strength of the Oxalis tea & coffee network in this country, which is targeted, long-term and of public benefit and one which the general public will also be able to join in with.

“We decided to establish partnership and support the SOS dětské vesničky organisation, which cares for children who are orphaned, abandoned or whose families are unable to look after them, and who have the same right as anybody else to a family, to respect, to love and to a future. We are certain that our support for this organisation will also help it to ensure the highest quality of care provided to the children it looks after,” says Ing. Petr Zelík, Executive Director and owner of OXALIS, spol. s r.o.

Subject to agreement by both parties, the decision was made to involve the children themselves in the project. They were set the task of drawing a picture for a mug which they themselves would like to have. The children were not limited to any specific topic and so in the end, several dozens of varied designs were created full of childhood fantasy. The three chosen motifs “Happy family, Little pig and Good morning” were transferred onto mugs and starting on 1 October 2015, anybody who is interested will be able to make a donation to the running and operation of SOS dětské vesničky by buying them.

More information about the SOS dětské vesničky organisation can be found at



Since 2014 our company has been supporting the civic association Nepálčata, o.s. – a non-profit organisation that helps children in Nepal get an education. As we import teas from Nepal, among other countries, we decided to support this area.

Our support is not focused only on one specific child, but on a home for children in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital.  The children that live here are not orphans, but poor children from villages whose parents either show little interest in them or, on the contrary, really want to support their future and do not have the money to do so. The children live in the house permanently and the funds obtained are used to pay for not only their schooling and living expenses (food, clothing, ...), but also out-of-school activities, such as ordinary visits to swimming pools.  The house also permanently contains Czech volunteers, who help the house run and look after their charges.  The house brings work to poor Nepalese from the surrounding area, who are employed, for example, as ancillary help in the kitchen.

We communicate with the organisation and the children through letters and messages that come to us.



If a young person (most frequently aged 20-40) is told he has multiple sclerosis (MS), he learns that he has a chronic and currently incurable disease that is destroying his nervous tissue. Depending on what part of his body is affected to what extent, the patient has various problems – some keeping their balance as they walk, others with fine motor skills or sensitiveness of the limbs, other may have blurred vision, whereas some could temporarily go blind. After treatment their condition mostly more or less returns to the original state, but the problems can even get worse.

It is not easy to deal with this when your life is in front of you. Your personal and professional plans collapse, your values and priorities change. But this is also a chance and a challenge that the Association of Young MS Sufferers has accepted.

Aims of the AYMSS

  • Help those newly diagnosed with the chronic disease to deal with it and motivate them to take an active approach;
  • Provide access to verified information about MS and by operating an internet forum enable the sharing of individual experience and practical advice;
  • Arrange various events with sports, cultural and social programmes and therefore involve all active patients in improving the quality of life with MS;  
  • Popularise an active life with multiple sclerosis for the general public.


And why did we decide to support the MS Association? Primarily because not much is known about this serious disease and people do not talk about it. The public lacks information about the difficulties it brings and those the disease has affected lack the necessary information about how to handle it, how live with it and where to go for help.

The donation that we made to the association went to a hospital centre in Jihlava and was used to buy products for specialised rehabilitation, which, together with psychotherapy and, obviously, timely immunomodulation therapy, is an integral part of the treatment for the disease, which requires a complex approach.


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