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Do you want do know what countries tea has a long tradition in? Tea culture arose in far-off exotic countries and came to Europe later. Tea was imported to Europe from the colonies. It grew naturally in China and India. Its cultivation in other Asian, African and American countries developed later. What countries are the best at cultivating tea? They are Japan, Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Australia, Kenya and Argentina. Slightly different tea is grown in each country. Everything depends on the culture there. Therefore there are significant differences in the taste of tea around the world.



Teas from China

China is the cradle for tea, where the people love drinking black tea. There, however, it is called red tea. What tea is called black tea then? It is pu-erh, the colour of which is darker than the colour of ordinary black tea. Cultivation of green tea is widespread in China. There are several types of green tea that are cultivated in China. White tea, which was regarded as an imperial tea, also comes from China. It has retained its uniqueness until today.


Teas from Japan

Another large country that currently produces tea is Japan. How did tea get to Japan? It was taken there by monks from China. How is tea cultivated in Japan? The vast majority of Japanese production is green tea, which is popular there thanks to its refined taste and sharp aroma.



Teas from Africa and South America

Traditional tea from tea plants is not drunk in all countries. Many nations prefer teas from various exotic plants. What teas does this concern? For example in Southern Africa rooibos and honeybush teas are popular. Mate tea is very popular in Argentina. If you are getting ready to go on holiday to one of the countries mentioned above, don’t forget to try the traditional teas there.


Teas from India

Indian teas are today known by almost everybody, even if they do not realise they are Indian teas. The best-known Indian teas include: Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri. India is one of the world’s leading black tea cultivators.

Green tea started to be cultivated in India in 1985, in the Assam and Darjeeling areas. It was processed using the Japanese steaming method and the result is a high-quality, delicious green tea.